Frequently Asked Questions - Chambers

e-Gift Cards

How do e-gift cards work?

Our e-Gift card solution is available to your members through their dashboard. In just a few steps, businesses can immediately offer e-Gift cards to their customers online, then share them on social media and through email. Once the e-Gift card is purchased, it can be emailed or texted to the buyer or to someone else as a gift. Customers can then redeem the e-Gift card while checking out at the business by providing the gift card code, acceptable identification or a print out of the gift card.

Do my members need to sign up for the e-Gift cards?

Sign up is a quick and easy one-time process. All members need to do is to provide their bank information and sales will be deposited into the account the next day.

How is the member information kept safe & secure?

We have partnered with Stripe to process all transactions and keep all personal and financial information safe and secure.

How much does it cost my members to offer e-Gift cards?

Only 4% on each gift card sold. This is a phenomenal deal when you consider that other well-known providers charge anywhere from 10%-30%. There are also no monthly charges, no setup costs or fulfillment fees.

How can members track e-Gift card activity?

Members can login to their SLNconnect profile and scroll to the e-Gift section on the dashboard to see the quantity of gift cards sold, total amount sold and what has been redeemed. They can also get more detailed reporting by clicking on “Manage”. Tracking has never been this easy! In addition, members can quickly create a custom storefront to display all their gift cards on their website.

Can I share my member's e-Gift cards?

Yes, you will be able to easily share them on social media and display them on your website through the SLNconnect feed.

Rx cards

Chambers can now order prescription drug cards to distribute among their members for FREE.

How does the prescription program work?

Simply hand the cards out to your members for them to give to their employees. It’s 100% FREE, so pass them out at events and when visiting members. You can order more from your Chamber dashboard whenever you want. Members can also order cards through and their dashboard. When paying for their prescription at any of the 64,000 participating pharmacies, they just present the card and instantly receive a pre-negotiated discount.

Dental Savings Plan

Want your members and their employees to be happy? Give them the power to offer supplemental healthcare! Many small businesses do not offer complete health insurance coverage (or any at all!), so this gives your members a chance to reward their employees like the rock stars they are.

What’s included in the plan?

Plan members and their immediate families receive reduced costs on their dental needs. They can save 20%-50% at over 266,000 dental practice locations, including general dentists and specialists. The plan even includes savings on vision, hearing and chiropractic.

How much does it cost?

Just $10/month for the whole family. Thanks to SLNconnect, this is a 33% discount from most plans with similar coverage.

How can members offer the plan to their employees?

Members can order information kits about the plan for themselves or multiple employees through and their personal dashboard. When purchased, each employee and their family will be immediately covered under the savings plan.

How will the member be charged for the plan?

Each subscription costs $10/month, so it depends on the quantity. If the member chooses to pay for their employee’s plans, the cumulative amount will be charged to the member’s credit card each month. Employees can also pay for the plan themselves. Remember: One plan covers the whole family, so $10 is the most it will cost any individual member or employee.

Cyber Security

Why is it important?

Of those small businesses that get hacked, 60% of them go out of business within one year. After a cyber attack, it costs, on average, $60,000 to repair the business’ reputation. In December, members will be able to choose from a variety of affordable plans to protect themselves, their business, their computers and more.