SLNconnect™ Mission Statement

Our mission is to help small businesses thrive in a complex digital world. We strive to make digital marketing simple and effective for our small business partners, so that they can spend their time, dollars, and energy doing what they do best. 

Through an easy-to-use mobile platform, we provide the digital marketing tools, insights, and support that your business needs to better connect, engage, and grow your audience.

Our Story

It all started with one simple idea scribbled on a cocktail napkin in 2011– our beginning. The idea: to simplify digital marketing for small businesses. Why? We’re from the Midwest, home to so many honorable small businesses trying to find their way in what can seem like a complicated digital minefield. 

Born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, (the "Silicon Valley of the Midwest," as we like to think), we feel like we have a pretty good understanding of what small businesses need. We believe in our small business owners and their passion for their work. And like our Chamber and Associations partners, we know the value of connecting communities and building local economies. That’s been our goal since Day 1: to make digital marketing simple and effective. Now, we’re in nearly 500 communities and are used by over 300,000 chamber members across the U.S. and Canada. We’re proud that our work empowers so many small small business owners like you to succeed. We don’t want to rule the world, we just want to connect it…one community at a time.

Our Values

  1. Be Honest

  2. Be Innovative

  3. Take Risks

  4. Empower Others

  5. Have Fun